Shiocton Airport
The best grass airport in all of Wisconsin.

Home Base

Multiple Missions One Airport: Community and Educational.

Community Mission One: To provide a friendly, affordable and fun travel experience for our aircraft passengers, whether it be a local flight or to distant destinations.

Community Mission Two: To provide the highest quality facilities for our airport tenants and guests to ensure their success in meeting their own and the air transportation needs of the Village of Shiocton and the Town of Bovina areas.

Community Mission Three: To provide a friendly, affordable, fun and unique experience for our airport guests as they attend our Annual Fly-in.

Educational Mission One: To work with the Shiocton School District in providing a 'hands-on' experience for 5th grade aviation studies and the 5th grade annual airport visit.

Educational Mission Two: To award an annual scholarship to an area High School student enrolled in a Tech or College aviation course, or to a current Tech or College student enrolled in an aviation course.

Who We Are

In 1984, 20 area people came together and saw the need for an airport in the Shiocton area. These 20 people formed a corporation called the Shiocton Airport Association, Inc., and the land that is now runway 18/36 (North/South runway) was purchased. This property became the core of which, after several subsequent land purchases, is now the Shiocton Airport, also known as Whiskey 34.

The Shiocton Flyers Club, Inc. was formed shortly afterwards as both our “official” flying club, and also to also operate and manage this airport. As time progressed and as both the airport and the Shiocton Flyers Club grew, the members of the Shiocton Flyers Club purchased the airport properties from the Airport Association, which was then disbanded. When this was completed, ALL members of the Shiocton Flyers Club became equal shareholders of this airport, and remain an equal shareholder as long as they remain a paid member of the Shiocton Flyers Club and contribute of their time or talents to the upkeep of the airport.
The Shiocton Flyers Club currently consists of more or less, 45 total members.

The Shiocton Airport is one of a very small handful of PRIVATELY OWNED, PUBLIC USE AIRPORTS in the State of Wisconsin. Because we are privately owned, we do not accept the use of Federal or State monies for airport purchases, operations or improvements. Instead of your tax dollars, we are funded with membership dues, membership contributions and with the funds we are able to raise by putting on our Annual Fly-in. Even though we are privately owned, we abide by all Federal Aviation Administration regulations and are periodically inspected by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation for compliance of all applicable airport construction, markings and signage, approaches, hazards, airspace and operations. Safety is taken seriously.

The Shiocton Airport currently consists of two intersecting runways. Runway 18/36 (North/South) and Runway 09/27 (East/West). Both runways are approximately 2,500 feet long by 150’ wide. There is also a North/South taxi area immediately east of runway 18/36 which could also be used as runway 18L/36R.

There is also along the south side of runway 09/27, Hangar Row, which currently consists of 9 hangars, all of which currently enclose a total of 16 based aircraft. We also have an on-property maintenance facility for general airport maintenance and storage of grounds keeping equipment.